Have you ever met someone… or, in this case, two someones that you instantly connect with? You know that they are your kind of people and they will forever leave an impact on your heart? That is exactly what happened with Noelle and Robert.

As a couple, they are fun, adventurous and so completely in love. Although Robert was upset that he did not meet ‘Chris Pratt’ and instead met ‘Krystal Pratt’ we immediately meshed well and I felt like I was capturing friends rather than someone I met a few moments before. 

I get excited when I meet people who are passionate about photography and I felt that during my first phone call with Noelle. Noelle had seen my work and knew exactly what look she wanted, so I recommended that we head to the mountains. 

Noelle and Robert got engaged on Halloween and wanted to still capture the ‘fall’ feeling, so they wanted to shoot as quickly as possible as we were heading into November. We talked, planned and began shooting in a short few days.

Our ‘fall’ day turned out to be much warmer than anticipated but, we still had fun hiking, exploring and laughing. They were the easiest two people to shoot with their continuous laughing and playfulness in between long loving gazes. 

Noelle and Robert - Thank you for choosing me as your photographer! I am so honored to have been able to capture your love! I wish you both nothing but, eternal happiness with continued adventures! 


(after the photos, keep scrolling for a Q+A with Noelle and Robert and to see the behind the scenes video)

Q+A WITH Noelle and robert

Tell me you’re love story! How did you meet? Where was your first date? How long have you been together?

We have been together for just about 5 years now. Robert and I met through mutual friends, we have seen each other at different friends gatherings and parties but never really connected. Eventually we were hanging out so much and started to text each other that we kinda just said let’s go on a date. Our first date was on December 3rd, it kinda just clicked for me that day and I knew that this is the one, my lobster ( friends reference). After being together for about a year and getting to know each other we figured out that in some form we always were connect. There were times that I was in the same place as Robert before even knowing him, it was almost like we were meant to cross paths at the moment we did. Thank God we did because i couldn’t imagine us not enjoying the rest of our lives together as soulmates!

Robert, how did you plan the proposal? Provide as many details as possible.

I tried to plan a million different proposal ideas but with Covid and all this years obstacles it really put a damper on things. So after having the ring for almost a month I had to do something, I just wasn’t sure what exactly. So on Halloween we were just having a fun time and I decided I have been keeping this secret for way too long so TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT. I went down on one knee and the rest is history.

Robert, tell me all about the ring!

Noelle always reference the emerald shape diamond and how much she loved it! So that really helped a lot. I went to D’Amore jewelers where I picked out a 1.25 ct emerald and custom designed a white gold band. To get the design I explained to them I wanted something elegant, simple and timeless. When it was ready I knew it was the right one.

Noelle, what was your reaction when he proposed? Did you expect it?

Absolutely NOT! I wanted it to happen, I knew it was going to happen sometime but was thinking more towards Christmas. Originally I know he wanted to do it apple picking (because i Over heard him talking about it) but I had a friend that got proposed to that way and when I found out I quickly shot that idea down. All in all though I wouldn’t have wanted him to propose any other way, it was exactly who we are as a couple.

Do you have advice for anyone else planning their engagement photoshoot?

Noelle - the best advice I could give is be you. Have a shoot that feels the most like you so that in 20 years when you look back at the pictures you’re not like “what was I thinking?”. Everything about our shoot was us from the clothes we would wear, style of hair and makeup to just having fun in the atmosphere around us.

Robert - Be comfortable with your photographer and don’t hold back, ya know have fun and just be you with the person you love.

Would you recommend an 'Adventure Engagement' photoshoot to others? Why or why not? What are specific things to take into consideration?

Noelle - Definitely!!! I have never seen or even heard about an adventure engagement shoot but I am soo happy I picked it for us! Again it felt like us, we love to hike and be outside so this was something that was perfect for us, also I mean the epic views were absolutely amazing! Robert-absolutely I love hiking it was a win win.


Lake Minnewaska, Hudson Valley New York