I am a big 'it happened, so, document it' person. Whether it was good or bad, something huge or something small, document it. Each small and seemingly insignificant moment all the way through to the huge life altering ones are YOUR life, and you only get one. What are you leaving behind for your loved ones? What memories do you want to re-live?

Maternity sessions are not only part of your legacy but, your child's. In the grand scheme of an entire lifetime, a pregnancy happens in the blink of an eye. For your child, it's their first official photo and for the mother, it's a way to recall a special private bond between her and her child, its a literal 'memory in the making'.

Leaha and I talked about a few different ways to photograph her third and final pregnancy. We talked about big elaborate ideas, involving gowns and snow, to smaller in the back yard photos. What felt right for her, was an intimate in-home lifestyle session. A session that would allow her to showcase her and her family in the comfort of the home they built together and where baby Mabel would soon grow up.

I can't thank Leaha enough for trusting me to take these intimate and timeless photos of her. As a woman, I know the enormous amount of trust you put in person to strip down and be completely vunerable. For the trust that no only she but, her family put in me - allowing me into their home and into such a private moment in time, I am forever grateful.

Congrats Leaha and Jeff! I am so excited for you both and can't wait to meet baby Maybel in a short 18 days!

with love, Krystal

Landing, New Jersey