I found Alexa on Facebook! Alexa was attending collage close to me for dance. I reached out to her proposing a photoshoot showcasing her talents before she graduated and went on to conquer Broadway! 

After a short conversation, we decided that an epic backdrop around sunset was the perfect combination with a red dress she had been wanting to use. Hair and makeup started around 2 am and then Alexa and I travel together from New Jersey all the way to Brooklyn.

We could not have asked for better weather! The temperature was upper 60's and went from clear, to foggy to clear again. I was able to capture a mixture of images, some showcasing the stunning skyline and others that created an erie feeling where the skyline had been completely engulfed in fog.

During the photoshoot, I was able to capture three looks, each one depicting a different type of dance. Alexa and I collaborated completely; She allowed me to choose the perfect backdrops and lighting scenarios while I allowed her the creative freedom to just dance. 

Alexa, thank you for allowing me to capture these stunning images of you! Your not only a beautiful dancer but, a beautiful human and i wish you nothing but utter success in your endeavors!


q&a with alexa

What made you want to be a dancer? Is this something you have wanted to pursue your whole life?

I have always wanted to be a dancer! I can’t remember a time when I decided that I wanted to make dance my career.

You just gradated MSU (Montclair State University) what lies ahead for your now?

Hopefully you will see me on Broadway sometime in the future.

What was it like attending MSU for dance/acting?

MSU has a stellar arts department! All of the students in every department, are driven and extreamly talented. Because of this, I worked ten times harder everyday to match the level of my peers and professors.

What was your favorite + best accomplishment at MSU?

It was an extrodinary honor to receive the “Choreographic Excellence Award” from the Dance Department in 2017 and the “Musical Theatre Award” from the Musical Theatre Department in 2018.

How did MSU prepare you for a dance/acting career?

With being so close to NYC, my professors not only have had a long and successful career before teaching; they are still involved in the field that they teach allowing them to prepare us for what is happening in the dance a theatre world today.

For young dancers looking to pursue this as a career, would you suggest MSU and why this over another college?

I cannot say enough nice things about Montclair State University. We not only have a beautiful campus with state of the art studios and facilities, but we have extreamly talented and smart professors and students who are passionate and driven. I was constantly challenged and inspired during my years at MSU.

What is it like to graduate and be able to pursue dancing/acting full time?

It has been a dream come true! Though difficult like any young adult right out of college, my time spent at MSU has aptly prepared me for the difficult journey of becoming a professional performer.

Where can we see you perform live?

You can see me at Val in “A Chorus Line” at the Ivoryton Playhouse in Ivoryton CT from August 6th to September 1st. You can check my website www.alexaracioppi.com for updates of future projects.

What is your favorite type of dance?

Ballet was my first love and will always have my heart!

Dancing looks so elegant but, those who know, it can be challenging especially on the body. Whats the behind look of a dancer?

The training it takes to become a dancer is just as difficult as becoming a professional athlete. A dancer is not only an athlete though, they are also an artist. To dance takes physical, mental, and emotional strength. You are constantly pushing your body and your mind to its limits.

What made you want to do a dance shoot with Krystal Pratt of Krystal Pratt Productions?

Krystal reached out to me through social media and after looking at her work on instagram, I knew I had to work wit her. She is a true talent!

Tell us about the shoot day? How did it all unravel? The good, bad and the ugly.

The shoot day was wonderful! Krystal is so supportive and allowed me to have artistic freedom with giving photography insight.

What was the most challenging thing about the shoot?

Getting up before the sun so we could catch the best light!

What as the most rewarding thing about the shoot?

Feeling incredibly beautiful thanks to Krystal and the wonderfully talented hair and make-up artists.

What is your favorite shots from the shoot?

I love the reflection shots with the bridge in the backround! Krystal was so smart to see that vision.

Do you have any tips or words of inspiration for up-and-coming dancers/actors?

Other people’s success, is not your failure!

How do you stay in shape and fit? What do you do? What do you eat?

Dance isn’t my only form of exercise. I do high intensity interval training or HIIT to keep my body in tip top shape. I make sure to have a serving of vegetables at every meal including breakfast! I eat as clean as possible, very little processed foods. 

| Model | Alexa Racioppi | Makeup | Ida Arcila | Hair | Gina Damanio

| Published in | Embrace Beauty Magazine

Brooklyn, New York