I am a fun loving person that has an artistic energy that surfaces whenever I see unique rock formations or shadows under piers. I am a dreamer, I design and paint with my camera. I love to share my talent with clients to capture moments that will bring a tear to the eye, a meaningful sigh, a smile or even a giggle, these reactions make everything worthwhile for me, in that moment I feel complete.

Photography is SO important to me. It’s perhaps the sole thing besides your mind that can hold onto a moment passed and help you remember the details, the smiles. When your memory fades, which inevitably it does, these photographs are what help you remember that it happened and that you were there, bringing forth the laughs, the tears and the distant hum of the song that played in the background as it happened. I’m not here to photograph you – I am here to photograph a moment that you want to freeze and remember years from now, moments to share with your children and your grandchildren, these images prove that you lived. 

It’s important for me to make a connection with my clients, I am not a robot behind a computer booking. Each and every person that comes along will have a different personality. I won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and that is to be expected. To get the adventurous, intimate images that I get, my clients get to know me on a personal level and gain a level of trust that makes them completely comfortable hiking up a mountain to stand on the cliff edge, or have a quiet intimate moment with the love of their life while allowing me into that precious moment to capture it. My client relationships are built on a passion for photography and preserving memories for people with adventurous souls, who will trust me to not only capture stunning images, but will allow me into their most private of moments, for that I am honored to have the amazing clients I have. 

Hopeless Romantic, Bacon Addict, Movie Junkie, Writer, Wanderluster, Half English, Optimist, Music Collector, epic view seeker